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10 key strategies for working/school from home

Working and going to school from home can be challenging. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by anxiety or sink into a depression that makes it hard to take care of business. It doesn't have to be! Learn how to be successful while sheltering in place!

1. If possible use a different room. See if you can rope off a unique part of the house for work/school. 2. If you use the same room for everything, create rituals to divide space work and home.

Tell your family your off to school/work.

Pack and unpack your work/school supplies

Have your morning, work cup of coffee.

'Commute' by going for a walk

Get dressed before you go to 'work/school'. 3. Create a routine. This helps put your body on auto pilot so you don't have to work so hard to know what needs done. Examples include: Get up same time Go to bed at the same time Start work/school on at the same time Meals at roughly the same time

Basically, create and stick to a schedule 4. Take frequent, but scheduled breaks 5. Declutter your environment. Close out tabs on your laptop. Turn off your phone. Disable certain websites/apps during certain times Turn tv off 6. Set goals either time or task 7. Find ways to hold yourself accountable 8. Reward accomplishments! 9. Be gentle with yourself-set reasonable expectations 10. Remember you are not working from home, you are sheltering in place during a crisis and trying to get work done.

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