Healing through Spaciousness - The Gift of Listening

Truly listening has the power to heal and this is something most of us have experienced.

Being witnessed, being heard, receiving open and generous attention can be moments of deep connection with our fellow humans, animals, beings and world.

It can gift us with a sense of openness and spaciousness and help us find peace with where we are in this moment, lessening our sense of struggle.

In such a conversation, the act of deep and sincere listening creates a space of safety and comfort, a space that gives room and holds the person sharing in a gentle moment of presence, with the possibilities for renewed consciousness, love and direction forthcoming.

In the work of the body, the touch of listening hands can create such presence, ease and space, equal to that of a conversation. It IS a conversation and a moment of being there to truly and fully witness, to allow and, at the same time, to gift the possibility of an opening.

The tensions that have taken up residence in the body because of fear, neglect, injury, sadness or over use carry with them a story.

Beginning the process of listening through hands-on work creates a new beginning.

The beginning of the relief that it is ok to be heard - and so the muscles release and gradually open into the bigger container of your presence.

The beginning of a realization that change IS possible.

The beginning of the return of CHOICE.

Being at ease and being spacious are synonymous; the mind, the body, all one, no separation, always reflect our state of being-ness.

Worries - shoulders pulled, neck tight; stress, loneliness.... yet this is not to get us more stressed, quite the opposite, it is much more the invitation to the possibility that:

In receiving touch and direction of listening hands the bodies knowledge and wisdom is accessed, expressed and heard and thus becomes the road to healing, recovery and transformation.

How to find peace/space with where we are right now and lessen the struggle, is essential to our sense of wellbeing and comfort.

Learning how to be more in our comfort and, when we are not, how to return to it - in the midst of pain, stress, worry, fear and anxiety present - is fundamental to living our life fully.

And as such doing work listening with my hands to the body's symphony: listening to what is going on, what is speaking, breathing, where is pain, how is the body holding itself, what is being expressed, you get to gently move towards the possibility of: less pain or no pain, more comfort, more freedom to move or be who you truly are, being more open to your life and those around you, more courageous, more interested and joyous, more able.

As an invitation to your day and you gifting yourself with the joy of being heard:

What are the many ways in which you give and “receive listening” today ?

Eyes, touch, smell, sound, taste...

~Loba C. Chudak

Loba is a holistic life balance coach, Artist and a certified teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique. She offers coaching programs and one-on-one work locally, nationally and internationally as well as via phone & online. For more information visit: www.LivingPoise.com.

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