Congratulations on taking the first step

Deciding to get help is a big decision.

‘I should be able to do this by myself.’

‘What if I don’t like my therapist?’

 ‘My problems aren’t that big compared to….’

I’ve heard all of these concerns and more. The fact is, if you’re here, reading this, then trust your instinct and get help. We can’t compare our pain to others peoples. Your pain is real, your feelings are valid. We all need some extra support from time to time.


Anxiety, addiction, trauma, depression, life changes, stress, grief, feeling overwhelmed-all of these are reasons to reach out. If your struggle is interfering with your daily life. It your quality of life has been impacted. If friends and family are feeling the effects of whatever it is you are trying to manage-it’s time to get help. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel peace. You deserve to live a full life.


Therapy works and you can get better. I work with a wide range of adults in the Champaign Urbana area. Below are some of the mental health issues I help people with.

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Depression Counseling

‘What’s the use?’ ‘Why bother.’ Depression can suck the color out of your world and convince you there is no such thing as getting better or that you aren’t worth the effort. That you can never find joy again. Let’s team up together and kick your depression to the curb.

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